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Carnajo's Mod Page
My Completed Morrowind Mods.

Here is where you'll find my completed mods.
Click the Details link next to the mod name to be taken to a page with information about the mod as well as installation/removal instructions. Click  on screenshots to go to a page of, well, screenshots. Alternatively click on the Gallery button on the left.
Click Download to be taken to the www.euro-morrowind.com page from which you can download my mod as well as get more details. Please read the enclosed Readme.txt for further instructions.
Thanks to www.euro-morrowind.com for providing this great service.
Unique Heads I can also be gotten from http://www.brohawk.com/morrowind/Unique_Heads_I.zip  thanks to xtomxfallsx

Update : Telvanni Replacer now complete!
                 Added Hlaalu Darker Doors Link, as seen in screenshots

 Texture Replacers

These replace the textures tof the original game making
the graphics sharper and clearer, but without changing 
the atmosphere of the game. Click download to go to a
page with a download link and more details. See the
included readme.txt files for installation instructions.
(Note: although complete, expect these to be updated with more releases and patches)

Vivec Texture Replacer:               
download    screenshots  details
Vivec Less Red Patch:                   download    screenshots  details
Hlaalu Texture Replace Red:        download    screenshots  details
Hlaalu Texture Replace Green:    download   screenshots   details
Hlaalu Texture Replace Yellow:   download   screenshots   details
Hlaalu Darker Doors:                     download   screenshots   details
Redoran Texture Replacer:          download   screenshots   details
Imperial Texture Replacer:           download   screenshots   details
Telvanni Texture Replacer:           download   screenshots   details

 Face Replacers

These replace the heads/faces of the original gaming,
providing greater variety as well as improving the on
the original graphics.

Unique Heads I - Balmora:  link 1:  download  (Euro-Morrowind)    screenshots  details
                                        OR      link 2:   download (Broken Mowhak)    (select one or the other, you don't need to download both)
Sharper Khajiit Faces:             download

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